• Lance Armstrong: Power Training with Kettle Bells – The Swing

    July 13, 2013

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    • Raphael Krenn said...


      Just shut the fuck up and stop spreading lies

      07/13/13 2:53 AM | Comment Link

    • Ujwal Shakya said...


      Crazy clip. Good vid.

      My dad used to be a fat. He transformed himself from 290lbs of fat into 203 lbs of absolute muscle. Everybody was in shock. I just signed up myself as I wanna beef up. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

      07/13/13 3:29 AM | Comment Link

    • Ph03nixReborn said...


      Thank you for the movie. Youtube is good for this sort of info.My good friend was previously bullied. He said he was going to get bigger muscles. I didn’t believe him. But then he packed on 40lbs of complete muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible – Google it. No-one dares to bully the man these days. :-) I actually registered last week. See what goes on. And this guys emails are fucking cool!!!

      07/13/13 3:33 AM | Comment Link

    • Ivo Byrtus said...



      07/13/13 3:39 AM | Comment Link

    • JordyTudo said...


      Being Lance Armstrong’s channel, I assumed these workouts were tailored to cyclists/multisport athletes but now I’m doubting this.. I use kettlebells and TRX as part of my duathlon training routine but mostly for the sake of crosstraining/keeping things interesting/doing things I assume my competitors aren’t. Do kb swings provide much actual benefit to multisport athletes?

      07/13/13 3:58 AM | Comment Link

    • musicNsoccer said...


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      07/13/13 4:15 AM | Comment Link

    • MrOdsplut said...


      depends on how strong you are – maybe whatever would take you about 50 reps till failure. experiment. 

      07/13/13 4:47 AM | Comment Link

    • Matt Koch said...


      How heavy of a kettle bell would you use for the “endurance” sets?

      07/13/13 5:24 AM | Comment Link